Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our School Holidays

We are working on our verb tenses and this is our school holidays.

In the holidays I was very excited because I was going to Tony's house.  Tony is my mums bosses son  he lets me play on his computer.  On Saturday his dad drove me there.  When I saw Tony in his bedroom I asked him what was he doing.  He said that he was playing Minecraft on his ipad.  i looked at the screen on the computer and saw the Tom and Jerry cartoon.  It was the old 1970's one.  I really enjoyed it because there were some really funny part in stories.  Ying Ying

In the holidays Rahul came to my house.  We played tag.  i was very fast.  Then we played with my remote control car.  It went fast around my bedroom floor.  Rahul and I had heaps of fun.  Hasan

My favourite day in the holidays was when I went to the Dinosaur Park   i went with Mum and Dad and my brother Zey Uli.  I played on the Dinosaur Slide and I had a swing.  i went on two slides and I went down really fast.  It was a fun day.  Helen

Yesterday i went to Hassan's house.  Over there I played with Hasan and we watched Sponge Bob.  I had lots of fun.  Rahul

On Friday I went to the Dinosaur Park with Hasan, mum and dad.  First Hasan and I played on the dinosaur slide.  Hasan kept on pushing me off the slide so I didn't want to play on the slide.  After a while we got to have chocolate ice-cream.  Then we went to mini golf.  I was the best at golf.  At two of the golf holes there are pipes that the ball goes through.  Hasan was a little good but not quite there.  After all that we went home.  My favourite part was mini-golf.   Sakina

On Sunday in the holidays I played Sundae Times Lite.  My favourite part was that I didn't get any of the answers wrong.  It's a maths game.  It's on  Chay Hong

In the holidays my friends friend and I went to see the movie Wolverine.  I'm giving it a 4 out of five because there was swearing but it was still an awesome movie.  The theatre I went to was Rialto.  A good movie needs a good cinema.  The cinema was to huge it was bigger than my house.  I liked the man with the bow.  he shot someone 5 meters away.  I liked him because he did Parkour.  Jimmy

In the holidays I went to the Dinosaur Park.  I went on the giant whale statue.  It was my first time.  I felt scared but in 5 seconds I wasn't scared anymore.  That  was really strange.  My mum took heaps of photos of me on the whale when I was scared.  I gave a big scream and everyone looked at me.  i was so embarrassed when i got down I hid in the whales mouth.  After that I went to a store to get ice cream, because ice cream calms me down.  My favourite part of the day was getting my photos taken.  Karen

In the holidays I did my homework in one day.  It was times tables and division.  the division was a little bet hard.  I like doing it because it makes me learn.  Harrison is on Level D and I am n C and D.  I just got one book of Level D.  after that i played a game that was called Hobo.  I played it on the computer.  I liked it.  Edwin.

In the holidays I went to Queenstown.  It took three hours to get there.  We got there at night time.  After that we went to the hotel.  At last we went to bed.  The next day I went rabbit shooting at someones farm.  We went in the daytime but my dad said night time will be better to shoot.  We saw two or six or ten but my dad shot 2 rabbits.  My favourite part was when I shot one rabbit and my dad shot one.  We had fun.  Harrison.

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