Monday, October 29, 2012

Moon festival at the Chinese Gardens

On Saturday the 29th mum and I went to the Chinese Gardens to watch drumming and dancing. We also listened to singing and hunted for toy bunnies. When I went in I wanted to play on the rock mountain by the river but mum wanted to take a photo of me to send to my aunty in beautiful New York. The best photo of me was taken on the bridge that goes over the pond. After that I saw my friend Nicole so I asked mum if I could play with her. We heard the drumming, so we both ran and we given lanterns to hold. My friend Nicole helped me to get it. After the loud drumming the high school girls sang a song in Chinese but I don't know its name. One of the singers was Rachel and I know her from Kumon classes. I enjoyed it. After the entertainment some children were doing a quiz and others were reading a map and putting a dot where you found or saw the hidden rabbits. If you found all the rabbits you got a prize. I got a bag with lollies in it but Nicole missed out because she had to go home. We could also play different games such as Chinese Checkers, pin the tail on the bunny,a feather game, throw the bags onto the target, memory where you match the cards and use chop sticks to move marbles from one bowl to the other. We had many bunnies because there is one in the moon. This festival was most awesome one I have been to. Written by Ying Ying

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